“Thrash Killing Machine” pre-orders available NOW!

It’s with great pleasure that our 2005 debut album “Thrash Killing Machine” will have its first reissue in 17 years! Mighty Gruesome Records will handle this release and first press will be strictly limited to 200 copies in digipak format, includes two bonus tracks, a fold out poster and full lyrics.

Visit the label’s official Bandcamp store to order your copy now at a lower price!

We are back!

We had been away from the stages for 9 years but everything changed last Friday as we stepped into Not a XMAS Fest, side by side with the Spanish Blackened Death Metallers Balmog and cult Death Grinders Holocausto Canibal. It took place at Metalpoint club, on our hometown and it was a blast!

We deeply thank everyone who joined us on this very important day, our friends and fans for the tremendous support, Hugo and Metalpoint, Larvae Records, Balmog and Holocausto Canibal.

Watch the video below, featuring the songs “Built for the Kill” and “And the Killing Ends” to have a look at how it all went. Recorded and edited by Carlos Guimarães from Caminhos Metálicos.

Cya soon and keep THRASHING!!!

Happy Birthday to “Thrash Killing Machine”

Today we celebrate 16 years since our debut album “Thrash Killing Machine” was released. On March 18th, 2005 things totally changed for Pitch Black. We struggled hard during 10 whole years to find a label, to find means to record a full length and money to release it. During 2003, we hit Trigger Studios with our friend Rui Danin in charge of the sound control room to finally register that moment and after it was done, Recital Records made us an offer and that was it. So in 2005 our precious little baby was finally born. And the rest is history!

THANK you very much to everyone that supported Pitch Black not only back then, not only during those hard years of struggle but also to those that never stopped believing in our dedication to the cause until today. THRASH METAL are the key words in here and there’s no other sub-genre like it in this truly immense and beloved world that we call METAL!

Debut album reissue on vinyl and tape!

Today sets the date for the reissue of “Thrash Killing Machine“. Heading for its 16th birthday, “Thrash Killing Machine”, our debut album, is now available on vinyl and tape for the very first time, via Rastilho Records.
Metal Hammer Portugal just published an interview/report (in Portuguese) regarding the history of the album. Check it out by hitting the photo below and KEEP THRASHING!!!

[photo by André Henriques]

BIG news revealed!

Thrashers worldwide, since we’re celebrating our 25 years of existence this year, we proudly announce that our debut album “Thrash Killing Machine” will finally be out on vinyl via Rastilho Records on a special LIMITED release, properly mastered for this format.

Also available is a limited tape version in two colors and a t-shirt with the album cover art.


NEW song uploaded!

It’s time for one more song off the “Bastards United” split CD! “Become My Enemy” is now available for stream and ready to blast your speakers, so check it out and remember that THRASH NEVER DIES!!

“Bastards United” will be out in two days, on Friday 13th, via Firecum Records, where we proudly joined forces with Booby Trap and Buried Alive for the ultimate old school THRASH attack!

A quick reminder: Pre-order for the digital version of our 5 songs is still open at the band’s official Bandcamp page for ONLY €3.99.